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In the extreme south of eastern Sicily, in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty, stands the Futura Club Borgo Rio Favara.
The beach of fine golden sand is bathed by a crystal clear sea, gently sloping, repeatedly awarded the Blue Flag.

Flight + 7 nights
Sofitel’s charm on Mauritius Island
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  • Scheduled flight in economy class
  • Transfer and assistance
  • Transfers to/from airport and on-site assistance
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Mauritius 7 nights
    Sofitel Mauritius The Impérial Resort & Spa
  • Half board
  • Insurance and other


Thursday 2 March – Monday 6 March 2023

(few places still available)

From € 1.745,00


  • Rome-Bahraim-Rome flights including baggage;
  • 3 nights at the hotel cat. 4 star breakfast included;
  • Private transfer to the airport upon return;
  • Daily return by coach from the International Circuit;
  • Entrance tickets to the International Circuit (University Grandstand or Victory Grandstand);
  • Basic insurance for medical assistance, medical repatriation and damage to baggage.

Easter in Jordan – Departure 07 April 23

(8 days/ 7 nights)

from € 1990

Flights from Rome included

Ajlun ->Amman ->Jerash ->Madaba ->Mar Morto ->Petra ->Shobak ->Wadi Rum



The Regulation CE No 998/2003 (and subsequent amendment of 30 March 2004) of the European Union stipulates that dogs, cats and ferrets travelling in the countries of the European Union must have a passport. In fact, the European Union must have a passport. The identification document, issued by the ASL, has been mandatory since 1 October 2004. The ASL has issued an ID.

To verify that the passport belongs to that particular dog or cat, the ASL, before issuing it, must verify that there is the “indicative microchip” that is “injected” under the skin of the animal by authorized veterinarians, in a part of the body that will then be specified on the passport (example: right shoulder, left neck etc.) together with the microchip number.

The passport is necessary to protect against health risks and must contain the personal data of the animal owner, must certify any vaccinations made to the animal and mandatory vaccination against rabies carried out at least twenty-one days before departure. In the case of Great Britain, Ireland and Sweden, an immunological test will also be required to verify rabies antibodies to be carried out within the time required by each country.

Twenty-four hours before departure, the veterinarian shall certify, by stamping the passport, that the animal is in good health for the journey.

The European Animal Passport replaces all their health cards: all vaccinations and recalls will be reported in the dedicated sections of the Passport.

It is only possible to have an active vaccine, even if you already have a passport.

  • If you have applied for your Passport before having your pet vaccinated, you must bring your Passport with you to the veterinarian when you have it vaccinated, so that the first box of the section dedicated to the prevention of rabies can be filled in: the date of inoculation of the vaccine will be noted and the sticker with the batch number of the vaccine will be applied in the appropriate space. The veterinarian will sign and affix his stamp.
  • In the event that you have your dog or cat vaccinated before applying for a Passport, bring the health card containing the data of the last vaccine (if carried out less than a year). In some regions, such as Lombardy, a real certificate is issued stating that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. At the ASL will be reported the data of the last vaccine on the Passport. Keep the health book for a year, as a precaution.
    If 21 days have passed since the vaccine, you can immediately travel abroad.


In 2023 we would have several sporting events not to be missed.

  1. The Champions League Final in Istanbul: It will take place at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium on 10 June 2023 at 21. Located in the district of Basaksehir, west of the Bosphorus, it can accommodate over 75,000 spectators. This is an excellent opportunity to visit the fantastic Istanbul and among the places not to be missed are the majestic Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, which some consider the oldest and most impressive shopping center in the world, the Suleymaniye Mosque, the Blue Mosque and its wonderful mosaics, the Basilica Cisterna, an architectural marvel and one of the most mysterious and fascinating Byzantine monuments of the city.                                                                                                                                                      
  2. Real Madrid theme park in Dubai: Sponsored by Dubai Parks and Resorts, it will most likely be called Hala Madrid! and will feature a museum, roller coaster and football skill games. The new park, complete with its own entrance gate, will be located between Motiongate Dubai and the Bollywood theme parks and is expected to open on undeveloped land in the fourth quarter of 2023. The park entrance gate overlooks the Riverland Dubai’s restaurant and shopping district in Dubai’s parks and resorts. Visitors will enjoy the audiovisual experience, interactive in the spirit of Real Madrid.                                                                                                                       
  3. The Rugby World Cup in France: The tenth Rugby World Cup will take place from 8 September to 28 October 2023, 200 years after the birth of the sport. The event involves the whole of France, starting from the 10 cities that will host the matches: Lille, Saint-Etienne, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, Saint-Denis. Other cities will have the opportunity to host qualifying teams for the finals, such as Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, Versailles, Libourne, La Baule-Escoublac, Avignon and Montpellier. With 48 matches organized in 10 host cities, the organisers promise 45 days of celebration animated by a spirit of openness and welcome that goes beyond the sport.                                                                                                                                                                    
  4. The World Cycling Championships in Glasgow :  Scheduled from 3 to 13 August, in addition to the city that gives its name to the event, the protagonists will also be Edinburgh, where will kick off the elite men’s test, and Loch Lomond, from where will launch elite women and men under23. There is also room for Stirling, where all the chronometers of the various categories are scheduled. However, a 14.4-kilometre street circuit in Glasgow will be at the heart of all the on-line tests, ending at George Square.
  5. RYDER CUP: The countdown has started, the 44th edition of the Ryder Cup, the third most important sporting event in the world after the Olympics and World Cup, will be staged at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club of Guidonia Montecelio (Rome) from 29 September to 1 October 2023, preceded by three days of approaching matches (Tuesday, September 26, Wednesday, September 27 and Thursday, September 28). It will be the first edition in Italy after those in England, Scotland, Spain, Ireland, Wales and France.
    Also known as the House of Monsters because of the door that opens into a gigantic open mouth with a keystone nose, it is one of the most unusual structures of the capital. Federico Zuccari made it inspired by the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo, from which he had been particularly fascinated. This work is located in Via Gregoriana 30.





    It is one of the most famous sculptures by Michelangelo and is part of the tomb located in San Pietro in Vincoli, built in 1505 on commission of Pope Julius II. Legend has it that Michelangelo contemplating the sculpture at the end of the finishing, was himself amazed by the realism of the forms and that he exclaimed “Why don’t you speak?” hitting his knee with the hammer he was holding. He is in Via delle Sette Sale 14.




    Also known as Giardino Ritrovato, this Renaissance courtyard has been redeveloped and is open to everyone free of charge. At the center of the courtyard is the travertine fountain that is the fulcrum of the garden both visually and auditory. The statues confirm the link of the Palace with the Republic of Venice, in fact there is the statue of a woman with the Doge’s hat in the act of throwing a ring in the water that recalls the Venetian Sensa Festival, a ceremony of union between the city and the sea. It is located in Piazza Venezia.



    In fact, we talk about the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana or the Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro. This famous monument has the shape of a large parallelepiped with four equal façades, each marked by fifty-four arcatelle that make it resemble the Colosseum, but with a streamlined shape. Its height rises by sixty meters and the base is fifty-three meters wide: the structure is in reinforced concrete and the cover in travertine. On the ground floor, there are statues of the square Colosseum: they are twenty-eight sculptures depicting the allegory of the virtues of the Italian people. Inside, it takes up the external lines: there are large cubic metres covered with emphatically vertical marble coverings. The floors are distinguished by antique red marble, while the splendor is underlined by the large crystal and brass chandeliers, restored according to their original image. It is located in Via Quadrato della Concordia 5.



    Designed by the architect Ken Nakajima, the same who created the Japanese area at the Botanical Garden of Rome. You are immersed in Japanese culture, a walk among cherries, irises and wisteria, the pond, the waterfall, the rocks, the bridge and the stone lamp, tôrô. All the essential and traditional elements of the garden of sen’en style (garden with pond) appear, which has reached its current splendor perfecting itself through the Heian, Muromachi (XIV-XVI centuries) and Momoyama periods (late XVI centuries). The veranda, tsuridono, which extends over the pond is one of the best points to enjoy the view of the garden. It is located in Via Antonio Gramsci 74, at the Japanese Institute of Culture in Rome.



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