Travelling with the pet: by plane

More and more people choose to travel with their pet.

It is not a trivial or obvious choice because you need to be prepared and informed: let’s see what we need to know and have to ensure a comfortable trip to our pet!

First of all let’s see what we need to do even before leaving:

  • Accustom your pet to the carrier so that it is comfortable inside and live it as if it were a kennel. Inside the crate you can put the meals with a bowl placed at the bottom, but before the flight avoid giving him meals.   
  • If your dog travels in the hold, place a small plaid in your bed for a few days and try to soak it with your smell. If you travel to certain destinations it will be necessary because of the low temperature in flight.                                                               
  • To reassure and reduce the anxiety of our pet we can buy pheromone-impregnated collars or soothing sprays. We advise you to use them a few days before the trip, every day, inside and on the lining of the carrier. 
  • Take with you in hand luggage: wet wipes, a few sheets of dried paper and bioplastic bags, will always be useful for the trip.   
  • If your pet is travelling with you in the cabin, bring a non-liquid air freshener with a pleasant fragrance in your hand baggage if the journey is long. Open it if your furry during the trip will expleterà their solid physiological needs, so as to avoid complaints from the neighbors of seat.       
  • However, try to make sure that the bladder and intestines are empty as much as possible: leave home with a good margin of time, remembering that you must show up at check-inat least one hour before the flight and do not neglect to take the dog for a long walk before entering the airport. As for the cats, It is advisable to change the feeding times the days before departure so that you can check the time your cat uses the box.                                                                                                           
  • If your pet travels with you in the cabin, get a 100 ml plastic syringe without a needle, so you can fill the bowl during the trip without opening the carrier, always little by little to avoid nausea.
    To remember: it is not possible to pass the check-in with liquids, the bottle must therefore be empty, you can fill it in the cabin with water purchased on board.                                                           
  • Also get a toy that does not produce noise (not recommended for rubber toys with trumpet) and small. Put it in your carry-on baggage and put it in the carrier only after you have checked in. Remember that every company has rules on size, weight and content.                                                                                                                                          
  • It is also mandatory to line the bottom of the carrier with absorbent mats or other material that prevents the escape of liquids. Some airlines impose other measures, you can read them in the cards dedicated to individual airlines.
    In case of transport in the hold, make sure that it is pressurized and air-conditioned.
  • The staff of some companies is responsible for quenching your furry during a stopover, but it does not always happen and then insert inside the carrier a tray, well secured to the bars of the carrier itself, as per IATA standard. You can put ice cubes in before you check in: the cubes will melt faster at first, thus preventing the dog’s tongue from sticking to them.
  • It is necessary to disassemble any wheels of the carrier before boarding: carriers equipped with wheels are not loaded on board.
  • Find out how to collect at the time of arrival so as to limit the waiting time of our furry.

En route:

  • If in the cabin, it’s time to instill calm and tranquility to your pet because the worst moments are the take-off and landing due to the noise produced by the aircraft engine. Pamper him and show yourself serene so as to convey tranquility to your furry.
  • If your furry person travels in the hold, always inform the staff.
  • Space is limited and your pet could get impatient: it’s time for turbo cuddles!
  • If your furry friend yawns, or opens his mouth several times as if to yawn, he will likely have nausea. In this case, avoid administering water.


  • If you have travelled in the hold, hurry up and pick up your pet! As mentioned before, check-in for pickup.
  • Many cuddles, but calmly! Our pet could have kept the pee up to that moment and for the joy it could make a lot of it right in the carrier! Calm him, give him a nice prize and as soon as possible let out your furry heart.
  • Give water but gradually, otherwise it may be rejected a few moments later.


Here is the general handbook for air travel!

In the next article we will talk about train travel, do not miss it!

Have a great BauMiao time!