Tristan da Cuhna – The most isolated island in the world

The island was discovered by the Portuguese navigator Tristan da Cunha from whom it took its name.

When referring to Tristan da Cunha, we mean the whole archipelago that includes:
Inaccessible Island, Nightingale Island, Middle Island, Stoltenhof Island and Gough Island.

Only in Tristan da Cunha Island is there a small human settlement.

Inhabited until 1819, today it has 297 inhabitants and bears the same eight surnames of the first residents: Glass, Swain, Green, Rogers, Hagan, Patterson, Lavarello and Repetto.

The inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha are not connected with the rest of the world, they do not have mobile phones and television only arrived in the eighties. They found themselves forced to use money to provide food, which was imported from South Africa.
The main source of income comes from the sale of stamps with the stamp of the island that are in high demand by collectors and the sale of lobsters, considered among the best in the world.

On this island there is no crime, the doors have no keys, no alarms or locks.

Being the most isolated island in the world it is not easy to get there:

You have to take a flight to Cape Town, South Africa, then the last section is only accessible by sea, but does not fall on tourist or commercial routes. In fact this stretch can be reached only a few months a year because of the strong winds. The ships that leave for Tristan da Cunha are merchant ships, can take a maximum of 12 passengers and leave once a week.

They are the MFV Edinburgh or the MV Baltic Trader, and the ticket costs about 500 dollars each way, but it is not enough to go and board, you have to follow the protocol that you find here: Tristan da Cunha Organising a Visit (

This island, as well as to see, is to live.

You can visit:

  • The trip to the top of the volcano with an endless view of the ocean around;
  • The fish farm, where lobsters and potato crops are processed;
  • The only bar – the Albatross.
  • Public center that occasionally serves food – The Prince Phillip Hall;
  • Tourist Center, where you can buy the famous stamps and handicrafts.

You know those times you think you want to get away from everything and everyone?

This is the place that takes you literally!