Wanderlust – the traveler’s syndrome

Wanderlust is a psychological concept that refers to the desire to go elsewhere or to travel. It indicates the desire to go elsewhere, to seek something else, to go beyond one’s own world.

The word originates from wandern or wander and lust or desire.

It can refer to an intense desire for personal self-development through the discovery of the unknown, unforeseen challenges and knowing new cultures. Or it can refer to the desire to escape and leave behind negative feelings.


The symptoms of this syndrome can be:

  • Nostalgia for past trips – Do you get lost during the day in the memory of that trip that made you feel alive and gave you happiness? When you are with friends many of your stories are about past trips? Do you remember all the words you learned around the world? This is the first symptom of Wanderlust.


  • Are you really happy, only when you travel – Your life seems faded in the routine, but when you travel it becomes a thousand colors and shades? If you feel like you’re only really alive when you’re on the road, you have the second symptom of Wanderlust!


  • When you are at home you never feel fully satisfied – The constant impatience that grips you while you are at home, monotonous and boring days, which only fade away when you find your head in the clouds fantasizing about distant places to explore.

The “sick” of Wanderlust have a visceral need to discover new places, meet new people, travel and experience unusual.

If you had one of these symptoms, you have Wanderlust syndrome!

If you are looking for the cure, there is only one: TRAVEL!