K9 Jets – the new luxury for pets

As we have already mentioned in the previous article Travelling with the pet: by plane, it is not easy to fly with a pet.

The charter company K9 Jets was founded by former pilot Adam Golder to satisfy the growing desire of travelers to move with their pets nearby. It is based in Birmingham, Great Britain and meets the need that also arises from the cases of deaths of animals in flight in the United States in recent decades, or about 200.

The aim of the company is to save travelers the stress of the rules of each airline and the rules that limit the proximity to our puppies during the trip, giving as a single solution the cage in the cargo area. Also not all dog breeds are allowed by airlines, such as pitbulldogs, bulldogs and mastiffs.

K9 Jets does not think twice and rides the opportunity to offer exclusive service.

Being exclusive, it is certainly not a cheap service, in fact the transatlantic flight has a cost of about $ 9,000 with the possibility of buying another ticket to have our pet next.

Those who participated in the inaugural flight said “We were calm because the dogs were with us, we have two golden retrievers and they would have been in the hold”.

Today they offer flights between New York and London or Paris, but the K9 aims to open an economy line with regard to the West Coast.